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I Am Become Christmas EP

by Lemon Demon

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Vivy-NX I Am Become Christmas manages to avoid the fate of many repetitive Christmas songs and say something more interesting about the holiday than "Oh Boy I Love Christmas". It's got songs about Santa Claus xenomorphs, an apocalyptic Aurora Borealis, seasonal affective disorder, and the way in which Christianity tried to smother pre-existing winter holidays in favor of Christmas. And it's Lemon Demon, so it's all very fun to listen to. Definitely give it a listen for the holidays. Favorite track: Aurora Borealis.
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kiwi_ i <3 christmas sm Favorite track: Christmas Will Be Soon.
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darknitte We're in need for some new Christmas music, and I think Neil is the right man for the job, with songs about *looks at list* a winter apocalypse, seasonal depression, and inter-dimensional transformational Santa technology
Favorite track: SAD.
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We must not fear this as it grows near Christmas will be soon Luring like the moon Decorate your untamed nature Christmas will be soon Now, let go of Solstice and save our souls Christmas will be soon Very very soon Idols come and go, Melting like the snow when sunlight comes Play their drums Play their drums Cut down our twig shrine Sit 'round the big pine beneath a star This is who we are One last toast to has-been ghosts Ooh, Christmas will be soon Let's stop burning Yule logs In faith of fool's gods our kids won't know Idols come and go Ordinary folk floating like the smoke We are adrift Take this gift Christmas! Oh, now not one more word I'm looking forward So change your tune Christmas will be soon And the winds have changed now (The winds have changed) And we are strange (And we are strange) Now will you change your tune? (It will be soon) Christmas will be soon Decorate your untamed nature Christmas will be soon One last toast to has-been ghosts Ooh, Christmas will be soon Christmas will be soon Christmas will be soon Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
Beneath apocalyptic snowflakes from above We're not in peril, we are in apocalove So let's go walking, or Christmas shopping No, let's do something a bit more shocking Let's go to the windmill Let's find some catharsis Let's go to the graveyard in cover of darkness And it's okay, I've done this tons of times Well, maybe once a year since I was very young It will be fine, okay? I do this all the time And nothing could go wrong Unless that's what you'd like Is this the first time that you've ever seen Aurora Borealis crush mankind? The wind chimes chiming with the screams A pretty winter night Your hand in mine The horizon is a fog from the breath of everyone And I hope you're having fun I just had to share with someone This is the empty building that I call my home Baby it's cold inside, don't leave me here alone There's no good movies, but there's a fire Well, scented candles that are on fire So let's take the night off Be joyful and joyously enjoy the moonrise And let it destroy us See, it's okay As long as we believe we'll be okay As if anything could go wrong on Christmas eve Okay, you know I'm glad you're here So I can show you this before I disappear Is this the first time that you've ever seen Aurora Borealis crush mankind? A flashlight underneath my chin A pretty winter night Your hand in mine. Now we're swallowed by the fog from the breath of everyone I can barely see you now, but your smile is a frown Yeah i knew it had to stop because I always mess it up And I get it if you run I just had to share with someone
SAD 04:17
Every winter I'm a wreck, yes Miss my family, merry Xmas Every day that I am snowed in I'm a coward, I'm corroding Seasonal Affective Disorder Everything can stop on a quarter (Cold plus hopeless: Cope less) Got no prospects It's the snow's fault (Cold plus listless: Kissed less) Got no girlfriend Pass the snow salt We have a saying back in my hometown "When you're feeling down, sunshine fixes everything." But here, winter is getting longer Everything's frozen still Beautiful things no longer give me the chills Seasonal Affective Disorder Maybe I should just move to Florida (Cold plus relapse: collapse) I am no elf No Saint Nick, man (Cold plus morose: comatose) Trapped in myself I'm a sick man Seasonal Affective Disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder
CryptoSanta 03:37
Classified project, moving light Privately funded silent night North pole station satellite Red and white laser beams are focusing Converging on a tyrant king New dimensions! Full of presents! For the children! In the trillions! With a little bit of brains Maybe we can do away with the lack of candy canes Make Christmas every day Through scientific enterprise, maybe we can open eyes We can revolutionize the way we move merchandise (It keeps on giving, it keeps on giving, it keeps on giving, it keeps on giving) No more naughty, no more nice Just a present and a price (As seen on TV, as seen on TV, as seen on TV) It's a pillow, it's a pet It's a miracle it hasn't happened yet Oh god. Something went wrong. I can't let you see me like this. I walked through the path of the beam. At first I thought I was okay, but overnight my hair turned white. I've been gaining weight... Involuntary spasms, like a bowl full of jelly... Outbursts of laughter... We must not tell the shareholders. That would be bad. Whoa, something to do with DNA Something to do with gamma rays White flowing beard won't go away, go away Laser beams from outer space Converging on my mutant face New dimensions! Now I'm presents! Like Pandora! Oh the horror! Body horror, tendons snapping Ribbons and wrapping, stocking stuffing Skin is sloughing, bones are bowing Something is growing Something. Ohhhh! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


released December 21, 2012

Music by Neil Cicierega. Art by Ming Doyle. Merry Christmas.




Lemon Demon Boston, Massachusetts

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